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This document is an electronic record in terms of Information Technology Act, 2000 and rules there under as applicable and the amended provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes as amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures. This document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries guidelines) Rules, 2011 that require publishing the rules and regulations, privacy policy and Terms of Use for access or usage of a computer resource. This Merchant Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you (“you,” “your”) and Elate Artist Aggregators Private Limited (“AllArtistBooking,” “we,” “our” or “us”) governing your use of AllArtistBooking’s services and solutions to you for selling Products (as defined below) and/or collecting money for a specified purpose (together, the “AllArtistBooking Services”). When you use AllArtistBooking Services provided by us, you will be subject to the rules, guidelines, policies, terms, and conditions applicable to such service, and they shall be deemed to be incorporated into this Agreement and shall be considered as part and parcel of this Agreement. The Privacy Policy and the Disclaimer form a part of this Agreement. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Agreement at any time without any prior written notice to you. It is your responsibility to review this Agreement periodically for updates / changes. Your continued use of AllArtistBooking Services following the posting of changes will mean that you accept and agree to the revisions. This is an important document which you must consider carefully when choosing whether to use AllArtistBooking Services at any time. Please read the terms of this Agreement carefully before agreeing to it. This Agreement also highlights certain risks on using the AllArtistBooking Services together with guidance on how online payments through AllArtistBooking can be facilitated. You are solely responsible for understanding and complying with any and all laws, rules and regulations of your specific jurisdiction that may be applicable to you in connection with your business and your use of the AllArtistBooking Services. BY CLICKING THE ACCEPTANCE BUTTON OR ACCESSING, USING OR INSTALLING ANY PART OF THE SERVICE, YOU EXPRESSLY AGREE TO AND CONSENT TO BEING IRREVOCABLY BOUND BY THIS AGREEMENT AND ALL OF THE TERMS SET OUT HEREIN. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, WE REQUEST YOU TO CANCEL THE ASSOCIATION AND YOU MAY NOT ACCESS, USE OR INSTALL ANY PART OF THE SERVICE.



You must register with us in order to open a AllArtistBooking Account and use AllArtistBooking Services. We allow both individuals and Legal Entities to register with AllArtistBooking. Without any legal obligation to do so, we require certain information from you, as laid out in the registration form, to permit the use of AllArtistBooking Services. You must provide accurate and complete information. In addition, you must keep the information that you provide up-to-date at all times. For business Users, you are only permitted to apply and enroll, if you represent a legitimate business and have the authority to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the business. You represent and warrant that you are duly authorized by the business entity to accept this Agreement and have the authority to bind such business entity. You further represent and warrant that the business entity has all the requisite consents, approvals, certificates, agreements, registrations and licences in accordance with the laws, regulations, rules and guidelines in force in India from time to time. You must provide accurate and complete information in response to our questions. You must complete this and other processes to access any funds that you accept through the Services. You must also keep the information that you provide up-to-date. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your AllArtistBooking Account in event that you provide inaccurate, untrue, or incomplete information, or fail to comply with the account registration requirements.


By creating/opening a AllArtistBooking Account, you represent and confirm that you are: a. 18 (eighteen) years of age or older; b. an Indian citizen, a legal resident of India or a business entity, authorized to conduct business in India; c. not 'incompetent to contract' within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1972; and d. entering into and performing this Agreement, as per applicable law. You further represent and confirm that you are not a person debarred from using the AllArtistBooking website and/or receiving the AllArtistBooking Services under the laws of India or other applicable laws. AllArtistBooking Services and your AllArtistBooking Account can only be used in India. You acknowledge that AllArtistBooking Services may be subject to export restrictions imposed by the laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines in force in India.


You must choose a reasonably descriptive User name that clearly identifies you or your business. This name will appear on the Customer’s Valid card/ Account statement. If a Transaction dispute results from your failure to use a reasonably descriptive user name, you agree to indemnify AllArtistBooking for any costs stemming from such dispute.


At the time of registration you are required to disclose the exact business category/business sub-category for which you will be using the AllArtistBooking Services and only avail the AllArtistBooking Services through your designated Merchant Site. You understand and acknowledge that in order to use the AllArtistBooking Services for any other purpose, you shall notify AllArtistBooking in writing of such change and such change will be subject to approval by AllArtistBooking. In order to avail the AllArtistBooking Services and its payment gateway partner services, you must be approved by and registered with AllArtistBooking. Any undertaking with respect to the AllArtistBooking Services under this Agreement shall be subject to AllArtistBooking’s approval and completion of the registration process. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, you agree to provide AllArtistBooking with all such documents as required by AllArtistBooking to register you with AllArtistBooking. You authorize AllArtistBooking to request for supplemental documentation at any time (before or after your AllArtistBooking Account has been activated), in order to verify your identity, the accuracy of the information provided, legitimacy of your business, and/or your Customers, including a Customer report that contains your name and address, etc. If we cannot verify that this information is accurate and complete, we may deny your use of the Services, or close your AllArtistBooking Account at any time. You further understand and acknowledge that AllArtistBooking have the right to withdraw their approval/consent at any time prior to or after commencement of the AllArtistBooking Services.


AllArtistBooking facilitates individuals and legal entities in accepting payments initiated by their customers on their website or mobile application directed to the AllArtistBooking Site or through AllArtistBooking’s payment gateway partner provided by AllArtistBooking. AllArtistBooking a software application (“Software Application”) and established a AllArtistBooking Site. AllArtistBooking will act as an intermediary, by creating a link between the Merchant Site and the respective Acquiring Banks by means of the Software Application and AllArtistBooking Site, for enabling the Customers to make payment of Customer Charge on the Merchant Site for the Transactions carried, using Acquiring Bank’s Services (“Internet Payment Gateway"). In order to serve in this role, we have entered into agreements with payment gateway aggregators of providing information technology services, including but not limited to, internet based electronic commerce, internet payment gateway and electronic software distribution services, to enable use of internet payment gateways developed by them, to (i) route internet based Valid Card Transactions; (ii) offer various facilities through the internet, including net banking facilities; (iii) provide Authorization from Card Associations or other third party clearing houses; and (iv) provide settlement facilities in respect of payment instructions initiated by the Buyers. These Transactions are between you and your Customers and we are only acting as an intermediary. We are NOT (i) a payment System Provider as defined under the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007,(ii) a banking company as defined under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 or (iii) a non-banking financial company as defined by the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1938. The relationship between AllArtistBooking and you is on principal-to-principal basis. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to create any association, partnership, joint venture or relationship of principal and agent or master and servant, or employer and employee between us hereto or any affiliates or subsidiaries thereof or to provide either Party with the right, power or authority, whether express or implied to create any such duty or obligation on behalf of the other Party. AllArtistBooking has no connection or interest of whatsoever nature in your business or the Products offered/ marketed on the Merchant Site. AllArtistBooking shall provide AllArtistBooking Services to you, as an independent entity and under the terms and conditions of this Agreement. AllArtistBooking has no relationship with the Customers and all actions under this Agreement which may affect the Customers are instructed by you. You alone shall be responsible to the Customers and neither AllArtistBooking nor AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners connected to AllArtistBooking shall have any responsibility or liability towards the Customers and you shall keep AllArtistBooking and AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners fully indemnified for all times to come in this respect. AllArtistBooking is neither concerned nor required to monitor in any manner the use of the payment modes by the Customers for procuring / availing the Products/Services. The Customers should be required to use the payment modes at their sole option and risks. You shall be required to notify this responsibility to all its Customers under the instructions provided by AllArtistBooking.


The Acquiring Bank will authenticate, authorize, and process the payment instructions given by the Customers on the Merchant Site in respect of the Transactions upon fulfillment of valid criteria as set forth by the Acquiring Banks and the Card Associations from time to time and accordingly transfer such approved Customer Charge from the Customer Bank Account/ Customer Wallet to the Nodal Account. AllArtistBooking, AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners may reject authorization of Transaction placed by the Customer for any reason including but not limited to risk management, suspicion of fraudulent, illegal or doubtful Transactions, selling of banned items, use of compromised Valid Cards, use of blacklisted/banned cards or in accordance with the RBI, Acquiring Banks, Issuing Institution and/or Card Association rules, guidelines, regulations, etc and any other laws, rules, regulations, guidelines in force in India, etc. You acknowledge that as a risk management tool, AllArtistBooking and/or the AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners reserve the right to limit or restrict transaction size, amount and/or monthly volume at any time. For the purpose of clarity such limitations or restrictions may be imposed for the following reasons including but not limited to limits/restrictions on the number of purchases which may be charged on an individual Valid Card or net banking account during any time period, rejection of Payment in respect of Customer Orders from Customers with a prior history of questionable charges, unusual monetary value of Transaction, etc. Further, as a security measure, AllArtistBooking may at its sole discretion block any card number, account numbers, group of cards or Transactions from any specific blocked or blacklisted customer cards, accounts, specific, group of IP addresses, devices, geographic locations and / or any such risk mitigation measures it wishes to undertake.


By accepting the terms of this Agreement, you authorize us to hold, receive, disburse and settle funds on your behalf. Your authorization permits us to generate an electronic funds transfer between the Acquiring Banks and our Nodal Account to process each Transaction that you authorize. Thereafter you authorise us to transfer the Settlement Amount received from your Customers to the Merchant Bank Account designated by you for this purpose at the time of registration. Your authorization will remain in full force and effect until your AllArtistBooking Account is closed or terminated.


In consideration for AllArtistBooking Services, you shall pay AllArtistBooking, Transaction Discount Rate (“TDR”). The TDR shall be deducted by AllArtistBooking from the Customer Charge payable to you in respect of each completed Transaction. AllArtistBooking reserves the right to revise the TDR periodically, and AllArtistBooking will intimate you of any such change within reasonable time.


Subject to any other Clause of this Agreement, AllArtistBooking shall endeavour to instruct the Nodal Bank to transmit the Settlement Amount from the Nodal Account to the your Bank Account within the time period prescribed by RBI commencing from date of Completion of Transaction. The transmission of the Settlement Amount to the Merchant Bank Account shall be subject to reconciliation of the Customer Charge by the Acquiring Banks, AllArtistBooking and the Nodal Bank after actual receipt of Customer Charge in the Nodal Account. All payments with respect to refunds and Chargebacks shall be solely your responsibility and AllArtistBooking shall not be liable for any claims, disputes, penalties which may arise in connection with such refunds or Chargebacks to you or the Customer. You shall indemnify AllArtistBooking in respect of any claims, disputes, penalties, costs and expenses arising directly or indirectly in relation to refunds or Chargebacks for all Transactions initiated and instructed through the Merchant Site. Notwithstanding anything contained anywhere in this Agreement, you hereby confirm and agrees that AllArtistBooking and AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners reserve the right to reject payments with respect to any Customer Charge for reasons including but not limited to unlawful, erroneous Transaction, Chargeback, refund, fraud, suspicious activities, card Authentication and Authorization issues, overpayment made due to mathematical errors or otherwise, penalties incurred, Transaction related issues, issues related to Delivery, Customer Charge or Product, if the Transaction was not made in accordance with the requirements of AllArtistBooking and/or the Acquiring Banks and/or Card Association. In the event of rejection of payment with respect to Customer Charge, Chargeback, refunds or other Outstanding Amounts due to AllArtistBooking or AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners and/or the Customer by you, AllArtistBooking and/or AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners reserve the right to reverse the credit given to the Merchant Bank Account or set-off the payment amount rejected, Chargeback or refunded or the Outstanding Amount against Settlement Amount payable to you. AllArtistBooking may also deduct the payment amount due from future Settlement Amounts payable to you with respect to subsequent Transactions. All Settlement Amount due to you under this Agreement may be suspended or delayed till such time as AllArtistBooking, AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners deems fit, if (a) the you or your Customer or a third party commits any fraud or violates any law or legal requirement; (b) AllArtistBooking and/or the Acquiring Banks have reasons to believe that a fraud has been committed against the Customers, AllArtistBooking, Acquiring Banks or any third party by you, your Customers, or any other third party; or has reason to believe that the Merchant or the Customer has in connivance with any other person done any fraud or assisted in the same; or any transaction has been fraudulently initiated; (c) you have excessive pending Chargebacks or poses high Chargeback and/or refund Risk; (d) continuous non-delivery or delayed delivery of Products to Customers; or (e) for any other reasonable reasons.


By accepting to use AllArtistBooking Services, you agree to process returns of, and provide refunds and adjustments for, Products sold and/or payment collected through the Merchant Site in accordance with this Agreement, AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners or it’s respective Acquiring Banks Rules. You shall (a) maintain a fair refund, cancellation or adjustment policy; (b) disclose its return or cancellation policy to Buyers, (c) not give cash refunds to its Buyers in connection with a card sale, unless required by law, and (d) not accept cash or any other item of value for preparing a card sale refund. The amount of the refund/adjustment must include any associated taxes required to be refunded and cannot exceed the amount shown as the total on the original sales data except by the exact amount required to reimburse the Customer for postage that the Customer paid to return merchandise. If the Customer accepts returns and makes an uneven exchange of Products (e.g., the sales price is not the same), you must issue a credit for the total amount of the Products being returned and the Users must complete a new sale for any new Products. Please be aware, that if your refund policy prohibits returns or is unsatisfactory to the Customer, you may still receive a chargeback relating to such sales.


All Customer service issues relating to the Transaction, Products sold on its Merchant Site including but not limited to Customer Charge, order fulfillment, order cancellation, returns, refunds and adjustments, rebates, functionality and warranty, technical support and feedback concerning experiences with its personnels, policies or processes, are solely your responsibility. In performing Customer service, you will always present itself as a separate entity from AllArtistBooking. You shall provide Customer support during all Business Days. Such support shall include appropriate notice to Customers of means of contacting you including e-mail address and telephone number, in the event the Customer has questions/queries regarding the nature or quality of the Product and the procedures for resolving disputes. Under no circumstances shall AllArtistBooking be responsible for customer support to the Customer or any third party.


We may, from time to time during the term, make or carry out risk assessments on you and/or the Transactions carried out on the Merchant Site (each a "Risk Assessment") which shall inter alia be for the following purposes: a. verify that you are properly constituted and operate a bona fide business; b. verify that you have sufficient safeguards in place to protect Customer's Data; c. quantify and investigate the levels of fraud or your default relating to the Transactions; and/or d. provide any other comfort that we (acting reasonably) may require in the context of its exposure under this Agreement and the agreements with the Acquiring Banks or Card Associations, and you shall provide all reasonable assistance and information to us with respect to such Risk Assessments. We may periodically obtain additional reports to determine whether you continue to meet the requirements of this Agreement. You agree that we are permitted to collect and share information about you and your application (including whether you are approved or declined). This includes sharing information (a) about your Transactions for regulatory or compliance purposes (including compliance with KYC), (b) for use in connection with the management and maintenance of the Service, (c) to create and update their customer records about you and to assist them in better serving you, and (d) to conduct AllArtistBooking's risk management process. If, at any time after we have made or carried out a Risk Assessment or it has been notified of an issue, we determine (acting reasonably) that you or circumstances relating to you represent a material credit risk or potentially increase our exposure under this Agreement, we may: e. terminate this Agreement with immediate effect; and f. defer the payments due to you for such period as we deem appropriate (acting reasonably) to address the credit risk or exposure and, where necessary, such amount (in whole or part) may be applied towards any amount owed by you to us under this Agreement. g. If, at any time, we discover that a fraud has been committed you; or you have in connivance with any other person done any fraud or assisted in the same; or any transaction has been fraudulently initiated, we may report the same to any governmental and/or law enforcement authorities.


You hereby declare, assure, undertake and covenant as under: a. You shall duly fulfill all Transactions placed on the Merchant Site in accordance with the terms and conditions on the Merchant Site and instructions of the Customer. You undertake to ensure that the Delivery is done as per specifications of the Customer on or before the Delivery Due Date. b. You will not offer out of stock Products for sale. You shall be solely liable for quality and efficiency and merchantability of the Products. Further the rates displayed on the Merchant Site shall include all applicable taxes. c. You shall comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in offering the Products or collecting Payments on its Merchant Site. You shall ensure that all requisite approvals, licenses and registrations, etc in accordance with all laws, rules, regulations, guidelines in force in India from time to time, have been obtained and are kept in full force and effect to enable you to offer the Products for sale. You shall not conduct any business through the AllArtistBooking Services or offer Products thereof in violation of any law or legal requirement of any applicable jurisdiction and shall keep AllArtistBooking fully indemnified for all times to come in this regard. d. You shall not offer any Products, which are illegal or offensive or banned as per the list provided in Schedule A and/or are not in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations whether central, state, local or international of all jurisdiction from where the Customers avail the Products. In addition, you shall comply with and shall ensure compliance by the Customers with all applicable guidelines, rules, regulations issued by RBI and guidelines set by AllArtistBooking, AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners or it’s respective Acquiring Banks and/or Card Associations. You agree and understand that AllArtistBooking reserves the right to suspend Settlement Amount and/or AllArtistBooking Services to you until such time that you do not discontinue selling such banned/illegal Products or does not conform to all applicable laws and regulations in force from time to time. In addition, AllArtistBooking reserves the right to terminate this Agreement without further notice in the case of breach of this Clause. e. You shall ensure that appropriate cancellation policy, refund policy, privacy policies, disclosures/disclaimers, terms of use pertaining to the Merchant Site, the terms of the Products provided by you and terms of paying the Customer Charge are displayed conspicuously on the Merchant Site in accordance with the terms of this Agreement (collectively “Merchant Terms and Conditions”) . You shall prior to accepting any instructions from the Customers ensure that the Customers accepts all the Merchant Terms and Conditions. AllArtistBooking reserves the right to inspect the Merchant Terms and Conditions at any times. f. You shall have the marketable and legal right and title to sell Products offered by it to the Customers by using AllArtistBooking Services. g. In the event any Customer complaints or is dissatisfied with any Product, you shall take such measures as may be required to resolve the same at its sole cost and expenses. h. You shall ensure that the best service standards in the industry are adopted and shall ensure Delivery of all Products paid for on the Merchant Site to Customers in accordance with the highest standards. i. You agrees to put up such notices, disclaimers or warranties as may be required by AllArtistBooking and/or AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners and you shall comply with such request forthwith. j. You shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of all information and/or validity of the prices and any other charges and/or other information relating to the Products, which are offered on its Merchant Site. k. You hereby agrees that it shall bear and be responsible for the payment of all relevant taxes, surcharge, levies etc. (including withholding taxes) in relation to the Customer Charge and AllArtistBooking Services provided under this Agreement. l. As you will be using the AllArtistBooking solution and AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners services, you shall comply with all applicable rules, guidelines, instructions, requests and actions, etc made by the AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners from time to time. The AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners has the right to reverse/reject settlement, suspend and/or terminate Payment Gateway/AllArtistBooking Services, make inspections or inquiries in relation to the Transaction, etc. You understand that AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners Rules form a part of this Agreement. In the event that your non-compliance of AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners Rules, results in any fines, penalties or other amounts being levied on or demanded of AllArtistBooking by an AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners, then without prejudice to AllArtistBooking’s other rights hereunder, you shall forthwith indemnify AllArtistBooking in an amount equal to the fines, penalties or other amount so levied or demanded. If you fail to comply with its obligations towards the Acquiring Banks and/or Card Associations, AllArtistBooking may suspend settlement or suspend/terminate the AllArtistBooking Services forthwith. m. You shall not require the Customer to provide you with any details of the accounts held by it with Issuing Institution. You shall not input any data on behalf of the Customers on the Merchant Site or the Acquiring Bank, failing which it will be considered as breach of trust of AllArtistBooking and/or AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners n. You shall ensure to keep confidential, all information submitted by the Customers on the Merchant Site. The Customer shall not be required or asked to disclose any confidential or personal data, which may be prejudicial to interests of the Customer. You shall use the Customer data only for the purpose of completing the Transaction for which it was furnished, and shall not sell or otherwise furnish such information to any third party. You shall be liable to comply with existing data privacy regulations from time to time. o. You shall in writing inform AllArtistBooking of all changes in its constitution, directors/partners/trustees, or change in the current addresses of each office, within seven (7) Business Days of such change having taken place listing out the names and details of the personnel in charge of your management and affairs. Such intimation shall be provided on your letterhead signed by your authorized signatory. p. You shall not engage in activities that harm the business and/or brand of AllArtistBooking, the AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners. q. You shall be responsible to resolve all cardholder/customer account holder disputes and provide whatever assistance necessary to assist the Acquiring Banks, Card Associations and AllArtistBooking deal with all cardholder/Customer Account holder disputes at its own cost. r. You authorize AllArtistBooking to share Transaction data and Customer information with AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners. s. You shall maintain and run the Merchant Site as a part of its business and shall ensure that the Merchant Site does not contain libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or profane material or any instructions that may cause harm to AllArtistBooking, the Acquiring Banks, Card Associations and/or any other third party. t. You agrees that AllArtistBooking reserves a right to suspend the payment and/or AllArtistBooking Services provided herein, forthwith, in event you fail to observe the terms and conditions herein.


Your privacy is very important to us. Upon acceptance of this Agreement you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted our Privacy Policy. By using our Service, you may receive information about Customers. You must keep such information confidential and only use it in connection with the Services. You may not disclose or distribute any such information to a third party or use the information for marketing purposes unless you receive the express consent of the Customer.


This Agreement may be terminated by either Party by giving 30 (thirty) days prior written notice to the other Party. Either Party may terminate this Agreement forthwith in the event: a. the Party discovers at any stage that the other Party is in violation of any law or regulation; b. the other Party is adjudicated as bankrupt, or if a receiver or as a trustee is appointed for it or for a substantial portion of its assets, or if any assignment for the benefit of its creditors is made and such adjudication appointment or assignment is not set aside within 90 (ninety) Business Days; c. the other Party goes into liquidation either voluntarily or compulsorily; d. the other Party is prohibited by any regulatory or statutory restriction from continuing to provide services under this Agreement.


AllArtistBooking shall terminate this Agreement forthwith, if the Merchant fails to perform its obligations hereunder or is in breach of any terms and conditions of this Agreement. The termination under this Clause is in addition to and without prejudice to the termination rights which AllArtistBooking may have under any other Clause in this Agreement.


The termination of this Agreement shall not affect the rights or liabilities of either Party incurred prior to such termination. In addition, any act performed during the term of this Agreement which may result in a dispute post termination or any provision expressed to survive this Agreement or to be effective on termination or the obligations set out in this Clause shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding termination. Subject to other Clauses of this Agreement, both Parties shall undertake to settle all outstanding charges within 30 (thirty) days of the termination taking effect. Where any payments claimed by AllArtistBooking exceeds the Settlement Amount due to you the difference thereof shall be a debt due from you to AllArtistBooking and be forthwith recoverable by appropriate legal action, as deemed fit by AllArtistBooking. This section shall not preclude AllArtistBooking from recourse to any other remedies available to it under any statute or otherwise, at law or in equity. All materials, documentation, instruction manuals, guidelines, letters and writings and other materials issued by AllArtistBooking from time to time in respect of this Agreement, whether in respect of the utilization of the AllArtistBooking system solution or otherwise shall be returned by you to AllArtistBooking upon termination. You agree and confirm that you shall remain solely liable after the termination of this Agreement for all Chargebacks, refunds, penalties, loss, damages or cost incurred by AllArtistBooking, AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners or it’s respective Acquiring Banks/Card Associations and/or Customers and for all claims and proceedings arising against AllArtistBooking and/or AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners or it’s respective Acquiring Banks with respect to this Agreement. At the time of termination, AllArtistBooking may retain such amount from the Reserve (if any) and Settlement Amount payable to you (including Settlement Amounts withheld) as may be determined by AllArtistBooking to cover chargeback risk, refund risk or any potential loss, damages, penalties, cost that may be incurred by AllArtistBooking, AllArtistBooking’s gateway partners or it’s respective Acquiring Banks and/or Its’ Card Associations and/or Customers until such issue is resolved. Subject to this Clause and any other Clause of this Agreement, all settlement to you after notice of termination shall be done post termination. In the event that such retained amount is not sufficient to cover all Outstanding Amounts owed by you post termination, you shall ensure that it pays AllArtistBooking all pending amounts within 10 (ten) days of receiving the demand notice and shall at all times keep AllArtistBooking indemnified in this respect. This Clause survives the termination of this Agreement.

In the event you wish to report a breach of the Privacy Policy, you may contact the designated Grievance Officer of the Company at:

Elate Artist Aggregators Private Limited

No. 10/1, Cubbon Pet Main Road,

Bengaluru – 560002

Email address: support@AllArtistBooking.com